New Billing System

We are pleased to announce that we are switching to a new billing system effective March 1st. We know that many of you have experienced billing problems of some sort over the years and we expect that this new system will fix/improve/prevent all of that. In addition to fixing the problems- we are looking forward to the new features!

You’ll be able to manage your account online- view billing history, pay bills and setup automatic payments.

Another great feature of this system is that we will be able to better communicate with everyone regarding planned maintenance and prolonged outages. Previously, we had no way to effectively email groups of customers- for example if we have to take down a particular Access Point for maintenance.. we had no way of communicating that efficiently short of calling everyone or sending individual emails… Not practical. The new system will allow us to select groups of customers based on which access point they are connected to and mass email them all at once.

We’re excited! I’m sure there will be some kinks to work out… but we have been diligently working on the migration for a couple months and feel its as ready as its going to be.

Here’s the important part-

Everyone will be receiving a “Welcome to Piedmont Broadband” email in the coming days that will allow you to setup your new account. – I’ll make another post once they are all sent.

If you were setup on automatic payments via a credit/debit card before- Once your card is charged for February it is being removed from the old system so it cant be charged anymore. You will need to set your card up for auto pay once you receive the Welcome email.
If you do not want to use the online system you can always call our office and we’ll handle it all for you.. but you really should try the new website- its Quick, Easy and Secure.

If you are paying us via check or auto pay via your bank- you will not be affected by any of this.. but you are welcome to use the new system to view your account and more than welcome to switch to a card payment instead of checks- Save a stamp!

Sorry for the long post, and thank you for your patience with us while we improve!