Wireless Internet Service

Piedmont Broadband started providing wireless internet service to Rappahannock county in 2008 and since then the service has grown to all the surrounding counties.  In 2021, The Company was sold and since then has undergone a great transformation with additional technicians, newer wireless technologies and a more robust backbone utilizing both licensed and unlicensed wireless frequencies.

As of 2023,  we have over 100 access points throughout our service area utilizing a wide array of wireless technologies to fit the terrain and need- 60ghz, 11ghz, 6ghz, 5ghz, 3.65ghz, 2.4ghz and 900mhz are all options we have depending on the area and need.

Because of the differences in these technologies and limitations due to Line Of Sight or the lack thereof what we can offer for speeds depends on the type and quality of the signal we are able to achieve at your home or business- We offer free site survey’s to determine serviceability.

Wireless Internet Service

$99.99 per month

                            • No Data Caps
                            • No Contracts
                            • Local Support
                            • Unlimited upload and download Speeds up to 100mbps*
                            • Low Latency- 10-40ms on average.*

Optional Services

Static IP Address:  $10/mo.
Equipment Protection: $20/mo.

Custom / Dedicated Wireless Internet Connectivity Solutions are available and priced by quote.


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* actual speeds and latency will vary based on network load, signal levels, type of equipment and interference.  May increase or decrease.

Service Area

Piedmont Broadband Service Area